Pre-Shutdown Cleaning Services

Djeleanna are a trusted delivery partner for Pre-Shutdown Cleaning Services offering a comprehensive solution tailored to preparing your industrial assets for shutdowns, inspections, and maintenance in the Pilbara region.

Car Dumpers

Our specialised cleaning services for car dumpers ensure the efficient removal of debris, dust, and contaminants from these critical components of your industrial infrastructure.

Conveyor Transfer Chutes and Stations

Djeleanna provides thorough cleaning services for conveyor transfer chutes and stations, removing buildup and material residues to prevent blockages and ensure smooth material flow.

Fixed Plant Assets

Our experienced team specialises in cleaning various fixed plant assets, including crushers, screens, and processing equipment.

Balanced Machines

Djeleanna offers precision cleaning services for balanced machines, removing dirt, grease, and debris to maintain optimal balance and performance during shutdowns and maintenance activities.

Stockyard Rail

Effective cleaning of stockyard rail systems is essential for preventing material buildup and ensuring smooth movement of materials. Djeleanna provides thorough cleaning services for stockyard rail systems, removing contaminants and debris to maintain operational efficiency and safety.

Preparation for Inspections

Djeleanna offers comprehensive cleaning services to prepare your equipment and facilities for inspections, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating smooth inspection processes.

At Djeleanna, we understand the importance of cleanliness and efficiency in preparing industrial assets for shutdowns, inspections, and maintenance. With our specialised cleaning services and commitment to excellence, we offer a trusted partner for ensuring the reliability and performance of your operations in the Pilbara region.